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Finding purpose: A look at industry and identity.

“We see who you are, and care about how you are. We embrace and embody your hopes, dreams and commitments. We will hold you in high regard and desire deeply that you live and grow to your heart’s content. In short, we are with you.” -City Home Collective Can I talk a bit openly about real estate for a few minutes (and no, this isn’t me trying to Realtor you to death or sell you a house or get you on a mailing list.. I promise)? Probably too openly but, for the good or bad / right or wrong, that…

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I’m not running for Edmond City Council.

The filing period for Candidates for Edmond City Council just opened. I’ve been getting lots of questions, texts and emails (thanks for the trust and support!!) about this and figured I’d just write this here: I’m not running for Ward 1 City Council. Here is the strange truth of it all. I went all in for Edmond back in 2011. I never thought I’d actually be saying that but it’s true. We moved to the downtown area after signing a lease for the space at 103 S Broadway where our coffee company would call home. Since then, I have committed…

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Our Mona Lisa. The Crown Jewel. The Coffee Super Charger. EP Build #24.

Back in 2011, we began talking to our now great friends at Espresso Parts about a custom espresso machine and grinder kit for the new EVOKE in Downtown Edmond. The design of our shop was going to be pretty minimal and we wanted a statement “art” piece to really stand out. We knew they would deliver something incredible. (from a 2015 post over at “This custom project takes us back to 2012 and this stunning build for our good friends at Cafe Evoke, Oklahoma City, OK. Trailblazers in the specialty coffee scene of Oklahoma City, Cafe Evoke put “The Big…

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It was a good old fashioned street fight.

We always loved strange yard games at EVOKE. Horseshoes. Washers. Cornhole. Ping Pong. You name. So, a few years back, we decided we needed to host something for all of our friends. What better than a good old fashioned battle on the street? Cornhole. Yep. The crew and I came up with this crazy idea to host a cornhole tournament outside on the streets of Downtown Edmond during the final night of Heard on Hurd in October. We researched official rules, court length, sign up forms and the works. It was huge. We charged $25 – $35/team and did a…

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It was a time to celebrate so many things.

For some reason, I woke up to my wandering mind taking me back to May 31st, 2012. It was one month after opening EVOKE in Downtown Edmond and was the day of our official “Grand Opening”. We had planned for weeks and came up with a day full of all the good things we had been working towards for nearly 1o years actually happening. It was day one but also day 1,000. It was for us. The community. The crew that helped us open. It was for me as I sit here now. This party was going to be special…

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You are only as effective as your team is strong.

I was thinking today about teams and the ability of the team leader to be effective. I batted this idea around since I woke up and basically came up with this: You (as a leader) are only as effective as your TEAM is strong. Now, hear me out. I am not saying that a person that through promotion, design, hire, or natural placement has to have a strong team already in place to be an effective leader. What I’m saying is that as a team leader evolves in that role that their overall effectiveness will eventually be measured not by…

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Walkability and its new green sheen.

We talk about walkability ALL THE TIME. I talk about it in real estate. I talked about it while at EVOKE. I talk about it in city meetings, with developers, with community members and everyone else. Here is how Wikipedia defines “walkability“: “Walkability is a term for planning concepts best understood by the mixed-use of amenities in high-density neighborhoods where people can access said amenities by foot. It is based on the idea that urban spaces should be more than just transport corridors designed for maximum vehicle throughput.” But why are we seeing some much marketing and “new walkable development”…

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We wanted to create a place that takes you somewhere.

“We wanted there to be a story behind everything that we do” I came across the build out video we had our good friend Chris Fox film for us while we were working on EVOKE the other day and he gracious dug around for the full files for me. When I take the time to go back and rewatch this sort of thing, it brings back so many memories. I’ll keep this one. Go check out this video from the build out phase of EVOKE. What times.


Can I talk about ME for a minute?

This has been a tough year. It’s the truth. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but just one of those years that feels like a mental wall sit for days and days on end. I think some of it is leftover from the 2019 sale of EVOKE. I think some of it is a lack of focus and clarity on my health and fitness. I think some of it is a discomfort with the day to day of living in Oklahoma and a longing for mountains and more suitable weather. I’ve had professional success. Had a chance to…

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“We The People”

Over the past handful of months (maybe a year or two even) there have been a few folks showing up to speak in front of Edmond City Council. They call themselves “We The People.” It was crazy the first few times I listened to what they had to say but now? Wild. “CONCLUSION: The regime is a political progressive WOKE advocating and embracing your radical ideology all without consent and knowledge of the citizens you are supposed to represent.  This is Council TYRANNY.” We The People, Position Paper submitted to City Council as quoted in a Letter to the Editor…

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